"Breadfruit roasting, on an open fire..."
Veggie toast at Cultivate Coffee and Taphouse in Ypsilanti, Michigan (minutes before my wife eliminated all traces of its existence).
Scotch Bonnet peppers grown in Irish Town, St. Andrew, Jamaica.
  Healthy eating doesn't mean flavorless. This was captured a few seconds before I jumped into these delicious Corn Fritters at Threefold Cafe, which their menu describe as follows: "Roasted corn kernels mixed with vegetables into 2 patties, paired with ‘smashed avo’ mix, salsa verde, sour cream sauce, fried leek on a fresh arugula salad" I will definitely be ordering this again! Coral Gables, Florida
Crab Pot
Chocolate dipped apples at the Lavender Festival, Armada, Michigan.
Macaroons, anyone? Cannelle Patisserie, Birmingham, Michigan.
  Star apples... Not very fond of the fruit, personally. However, I love the colors. This is from a roadside vendor and everything is as I saw it. Never touched a thing. Especially love the knife, which has high mileage, but has been taped up and put back into service.
  One half of the key ingredients of Jamaica's national dish, Ackee and Saltfish. A street side vendor expertly picks my 2 dozen for a weekend meal. For the uninitiated, the yellow fruit is poisonous while it is in the unopened pod. When the pod NATURALLY opens, the poison is released and the fruit is fine to cook. To be enjoyed ideally with a sweet roasted breadfruit (like the one posted earlier), but that's a whole other story...
Fan not working anymore? Then the front cover becomes a handy display tray for roasted breadfruit! Love to see street-side market innovations. Kingston, Jamaica
A delightful cup of coffee, served at Threefold Cafe, Coral Gables, Florida
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