"Tell Me A Story" #1 - "Alternative Energy"


Of all the photos I have taken, this one has garnered the most compliments and interest to date.  

This is from an abandoned service station in Detroit, Michigan.  Detroit is a rich environment for photography, because of its historical prominence, economic challenges, and imminent resurgence.  Despite the challenges, Detroiters are full of life, confidence, and style.  Which is perhaps why the old, decrepit buildings coexist with new construction, while those old shells await refurbishing or demolition.  Lots of opportunity for contrast and texture in photography, mimicking the underlying fibre of the city's inhabitants.  

This gas station lies next to a major expressway that we would pass regularly.  Every time I would pass by, I would say to my wife, "I want to take some shots of that station".  One evening, upon seeing a sunset while passing by the pumps, I was determined to capture the light reflected on the remnants.  One evening, I convinced my wife to not only accompany me, but to hold my speedlites (flashes), serving as the most beautiful lightstand I've ever used!

As I mentioned before, I really liked the picture, but the love I've received for this piece went far beyond what I expected.  Then, after framing the piece for an upcoming show this weekend, it hit me.  


Looking at an image on the screen is no substitute for a beautifully framed print.  

Now I see what all the fuss was about.

If you are in Miami and have a moment to spare this weekend, stop by my booth (#97) at the Beaux Arts Festival of the Arts, from 10 AM to 5PM and see for yourself.

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