Gavin Beckford


Gavin Beckford is a Jamaican-born photographer, with an international soul.


Raised in Stony Hill, Gavin was surrounded by lush vegetation and stunning views of the Blue Mountain range and Kingston.  Growing up in a community with few children of his age, he spent many days on his own, devouring the images in the piles of National Geographic, Time, and Newsweek magazines, which his father collected.  

“In my pre-teen years, I was fascinated by the magnificent landscapes, intriguing photojournalism, and the ability of the images to convey the mood and circumstances, even when the issues were beyond me at the time”.

Schooled in Washington DC, Massachusetts, and Madrid, Gavin is an accomplished marketer, having developed and implemented strategic plans for several multi-national companies. Currently pursuing his PhD in his background provides a synergistic melting pot for his emerging role as a professional photographer.

"I was exposed to photography at a very early age, progressing from 110 cameras, to 35 mm SLRs, and to my current love, digital photography.  My experiences have honed my photographic eye, creating an acute awareness of expressions, emotions, movements, and scenes that have the ability to stir the soul."

Though he prefers not to be limited by genre, his images taken throughout Europe, USA, and the Caribbean reflect a penchant for Street Photography and Portraiture.

"We've heard it all before: 'Anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer'. However, it is the vision, patience, and compositional skills that separate photographers from picture-takers.  I pride myself on being able to capture important scenes that may otherwise go unnoticed. It also give me great pleasure to remind people of how beautiful they are, if they can trust me for a few minutes in front of the camera."